Provence Quick Dry Plaid

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Gentlemen, start your ironing boards. Actually, don’t because the textured fabric of this lightweight shirt makes ironing unnecessary. The Quick Dry Plaid Shirt does what both you and Purnell apparel do best: move effortlessly through the diverse parts of your day. It’s the right shirt when you’re going to a meeting, climbing a wind turbine, catching a redeye, saving a cat up a tree, or even ironing all those old fashioned shirts that still require ironing. Ugh, get with the program other shirts.

Some key features of this style:

  • ž  Super lightweight, breathable 4 oz. woven plaid
  • ž  Textured look eliminates worry about wrinkling while traveling
  • ž  Wicking properties draw moisture away from skin when active
  • ž  Quick dry features allow speedy evaporation of moisture
  •   Sun protective fabric UPF 30+
  • ž  Made of 100% polyester


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