Womens Quick Dry Wrap Around Skirt

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How many times have you tried to stealthily change from your bathing suit or hiking shorts in a parking lot without exposing yourself to a group of innocent kindergarteners on a field trip? You can still hear their screams at night... The Quick Dry Wrap Skirt is the answer for those times of quick change. The skirt has an adjustable hook and loop fastener which is fancy talk for velcro closures - or to put it even simpler: easy on, easy off. It’s lightweight, quick drying , and has a stylish asymmetrical hem.

Some key features of this style:

  • ž  Wicking properties draw moisture away from skin when active
  • ž  Quick dry features allow speedy evaporation of moisture
  • ž  Extremely lightweight fabric feels weightless on skin
  • ž  Adjustable hook and loop fastener
  • ž  Great for layering over bathing suit or quick changes on the trail
  • ž  Made of 75% nylon / 17% polyester / 8% elastane

    The Quick Dry Wrap Skirt is there for you, your reputation, and the kindergarteners. Wear it for the kindergarteners, ladies.


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