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Here’s a true story: the non-native brushtail possum has been causing ecological mayhem in New Zealand for over 100 years. It has few natural predators, damages native vegetation and food crops, and attacks the endangered kiwi bird. Not the kiwi bird!! Here’s where the story takes a positive twist: the possum’s incredibly soft, mink-like fur has been embraced as a way to help control the population. Our New Zealand Possum Beanie serves dual purposes of addressing the destructive impact of this predator and providing beanies that are softer and warmer than wool. An awesome possum twist for the not so awesome possum.

A few more highlights of the New Zealand Possum Beanie:

  • Hollow-core brushtail possum fur is up to 55% warmer than Merino wool and 35% warmer than cashmere
  • Softer, finer and lighter feel than cashmere or Angora yarn
  • Retains heat without all the bulkiness and weight of other knits
  • Naturally stain, dirt and odor resistant
  • 40% possum / 50% Merino wool / 10% nylon

So you can wear this naturally insulated beanie while you hang conservation posters about kiwi birds. Plus, you get to use the phrase “awesome possum” in a professional setting.


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