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Sometimes you just need something to keep you warm while you pump gas in the Himalayas. Really, there probably is a need for that. Our Canvas Sherpa-Lined Jacket is an updated gasoline-style classic with a fleece sherpa lining for insulation. It combines a vintage look with modern comforts, all without being required to actually pump gasoline or schlep people up Mount Everest.

A few standouts of the Canvas Sherpa-Lined Jacket:

  • Durable 8 oz. canvas treated with special enzyme- wash for extra soft feel
  • Modernized fabric with stretch for ease of movement and consistent fit
  • Slimmer and clean lines for a tailored look
  • Super soft, extra warm fleece sherpa lining
  • Smooth poly-lined sleeves for easy on and off
  • Streamlined pockets and detailing for clean look
  • Available in Navy, Tan, and Olive
    The Canvas Sherpa-Lined Jacket has the big four: comfort, warmth, durability, and style. So if you wanted to pump gas or climb Everest, you’d look good while doing it in this jacket. [Legal disclaimer: do NOT actually attempt to climb Everest in this jacket, come on people...]


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