An Updated Classic: The Indigo Chambray Shirt

An Updated Classic: The Indigo Chambray Shirt

If Purnell were a piece of clothing, the Indigo Chambray shirt would be it. It exemplifies our ethos (yes, we used the word “ethos”): we took an old design–the classic chambray work shirt–and updated it for modern life. We gave it a streamlined silhouette and added stretch to the fabric which means the Indigo Chambray shirt retains it’s shape while subtly highlighting your va-va-voom. The design of the Chambray shirt gives it a clean-cut look but the durability of the fabric allows you to move all you want without finding limits to its flexibility. This means you finally have a shirt to wear as you break that glass ceiling and then you just have to dust off the glass and transition into closing your multi-million dollar deal.

Our Indigo Chambray shirt, while still timeless, is made for now and it’s made for you, glass ceilings beware.

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